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Kimberly provides a wide breadth of services as her schedule permits.  Her in-depth analysis of your screenplay will illuminate and inspire as she strives to create a plan of action for your project.   She also provides private online classes, and assists in creating loglines, show bibles, pitch decks, storyboards, and business plans. Just want to advance your career more rapidly?  Then perhaps career or project consulting is what you require!

How does this work?  You are hiring Kimberly Seilhamer as a consultant only. You are not submitting your project to Kilo Entertainment, the company, you are submitting it to Kimberly Seilhamer - the consultant.  As such, all rights remain with the author. Here's how you get started:


  • Fill out the appropriate form for your project

  • Kimberly will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your needs (may be longer on weekends).

  • If you decide you wish to proceed, and Kimberly's schedule permits, your project will be placed on the calendar. 

  • Kimberly will send you an invoice. Once the invoice is sent, you have two days to pay it. In the case of more expensive services (such as show bibles, pitch decks, business plans, etc.), payment plans may be available.  Credit cards are accepted through Paypal.


Show Bibles, Pitch
Decks, Storyboards
& Business Plans

Project & Career

Online Classes

Kimberly, you are CONSISTENTLY AMAZING in your instruction, organization, communication, and enthusiasm in all your classes. THANK YOU!  

Brenda G. ~ Los Angeles (11/17/2020) 

Creating Dimension in Character"

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